Call for Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal Special Issue Proposals and Guest Editors

Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal (SEAMSJ) is the international, bi-annual, double blind peer-reviewed, and open-access scholarly journal of the Southeast Asian Media Studies Association (SEAMSA). Special issues are a significant component for SEAMSJ to cover emerging topics with high current interest within the theme of media studies in the ASEAN region. The journal published six issues between 2019 and 2021. Two new issues will be published in December 2022.


A proposal for a Special Issue must include:

  • A suggested title for the Special Issue (12 words max.). The topic of the Special Issue must be of current interest and broadly fit the scope of the journal.
  • Proposed scope and objectives, including an overview of the intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered.
  • The guest editor’s name, academic rank, affiliation, email, and a short biography.
  • If two guest editors submit a joint proposal, also include the second guest editor’s full name, academic rank, affiliation, email, and a short biography.

Proposals should be submitted by 30 November 2022 to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Alexander J. Klemm at

Criteria for Guest Editor

  • PhD holder
  • Expert in the proposed field
  • Published author of academic/research articles
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Experience as an editor and/or peer reviewer
  • Effective, efficient, and cooperative style of communication
  • Familiar with Chicago Manual of Style
  • Familiar with published SEAMSJ issues:

Peer Review

The guest editor processes all submissions and cooperate with the SEAMSJ’s Editor-in-Chief. SEAMSJ’s Editorial Board facilitates the double-blind peer-review and assists with editing and proofreading submissions accepted for publication.

Expected Timeline

A special issue takes 9-12 months to publish. Publication target date: December 2023.

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