Aims & Scope

The Southeast Asian Media Studies is the international, blind peer-reviewed, and open-access scholarly journal of the Southeast Asian Media Studies Association (SEAMSA), an academic community that aims to be at the forefront of Southeast Asian media studies and research. The Southeast Asian Media Studies journal has a specific concentration on Southeast Asian media scholarship, perspectives, and frameworks. Research articles within the discipline of mass communication will be considered. Submissions may address any topic on Southeast Asian mass media, including, but not limited to:

  • Anthropology of mass/new media
  • Audience studies
  • Broadcast communication
  • Decolonized media
  • Film
  • Journalism
  • Media and the environment
  • Media criticism
  • Media convergence
  • Media education
  • Media ethnography
  • Media histories
  • Media laws and ethics
  • Media linguistics
  • Media literacy
  • Media business and management
  • Media marketing
  • Media practices
  • Media programming
  • Media representations
  • Media technologies
  • Media theory
  • Online, social, digital, and new media
  • Political economy of media
  • Religion and spirituality and the mass/new media
  • Sociology of mass/new media
  • Space and spatiality in the mass/new media
  • Transnational or diasporic media involving Southeast Asians

The Southeast Asian Media Studies welcomes book and media reviews, academic essays, interviews, and full research manuscripts. Research articles should:

  • Follow either the social scientific, humanistic, or any other disciplinary approaches in research;
  • Be original and not duplications of previously published articles in other journals or in other forms of publication;
  • Be solely submitted to the journal and are not being considered for publication by other journals, books, and the like; and
  • Be free from abusive, libelous, defamatory, fraudulent, illegal, or obscene content.

There are NO submission or publication charges for this journal.