Editorial & Review Policy


The Southeast Asian Media Studies journal adheres to the highest standards of peer-review.

Step 1: Initial Review
The journal editor will conduct an initial review on your submitted article. During this stage, the article will be assessed according to its relevance and suitability to the journal and its aims and scope.

If the article is accepted, it will be forwarded to two reviewers.

The editor-in-chief could also issue a “provisional acceptance” of a submitted article. If this is the case, the editor-in-chief could ask the author to make some revisions and resubmit.

If rejected, the editor-in-chief will inform the author with a detailed explanation.

Step 2: “Double Blind” Peer Review
This journal follows a “double blind” peer review policy, which means that the article reviewers will not know the identity of the author/s and vice versa.

If a submitted article is accepted after the initial review, it will be forwarded to two scholars, researchers, and/or experts who will be identified by the journal team.

They will be checking the originality or “freshness” of the research, the suitability and appropriateness of the research framework, design, and methodology, the accuracy and clarity of results and interpretation, reliability of the conclusion, and the overall quality of the article.

After reviewing, they will have to recommend the article for (1) acceptance with minimal to no revisions; (2) provisional acceptance; or (3) rejection.

Step 3: Revision and Resubmission
All reviewers’ comments and suggestions will be given to the author of the article. He or she should revise the article according to all the comments and suggestions.

An author could decide to not accept some or all the comments, provided that he or she would include a detailed explanation of why they are not applicable to his or her research.

Upon receipt of the revised article, the editor-in-chief will evaluate it again. If the need arises, the article will again be forwarded to the reviewers for another round of reviews.

Step 4: Acceptance
If there are no more issues on the paper, the author will be notified through e-mail that his or her article has been accepted for publication. The next step is the journal issue’s production stage.

There are NO submission or publication fees for this journal.