Call for Paper: The 2nd Southeast Asian Media Studies Conference

The 2nd Southeast Asian Media Studies Conference

June 9-11, 2022 (via Zoom)

For more information, please click the link below:

The theme for the SEAMSC’2022 is MOVING FORWARD

A global pandemic, climate change, and political extremism are just a few examples of the enormous challenges the world is currently confronting that have created room for groups like anti-vaxxers, global warming skeptics, and populist leaders to openly express their resistance to the policies, laws, and democratic institutions.

This world crisis has raised concerns and issues central to the media, including misinformation and fake news, media suppression, mainstream media lies, media freedom, privacy and media intrusion, data security, and so on.

Other causes, such as shifting market trends and an inability to adapt to technological advancements have also significantly affected the media, and undergoing many existential challenges, including trustworthiness and legitimacy, all of which have had a direct impact on media organizations and the actors, capital, business, and operations particularly on the roles, the contents and how they have been consumed.

Given the significant influences of the media on humanity and civilization, particularly during these trying times, critical questions on media are crucial to be addressed – how are the adjustments of the media should be perceived, expected, and exploited?

How would important institutions and agencies, such as the government, corporates, policymakers, and professionals in the field seek solutions by addressing the media and its concern and be able to develop more progressive and sustainable solutions?

In what ways could the media use to reshape the world’s futures from a social, political, and cultural standpoint? What are the interrelations and normative cornerstones between them?

What futures of the media are we envisioning? How are we going to move forward from here?

For more information, please click the link below: 


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